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Strategies AND Tricks

I Hope These Will Help You


On this page I'll include some of my strategies and tricks I've learned while playing paintball.

Please feel free to contribute your own tips - I'll post the best ones so everyone can see them.

Tip 1: CODES

You need to develop a set of codes. These are necessary to make sure that your team is communicating with each other and not the other team. You want to know where all of them are,and not where your teammates are. And tis does happen, when one of their team is close to to yours, and they are yelling the locations of your team, and someone starts repeating what they are saying. You need codes for their locations, kil codes (you and them).
You want to teach your guys to work angles....don't shoot at the guy in front of you, shoot at the guy dianganol from you.
Tip3:Taking Down
Also get you your team to try and take on one guy at a time...the more guns you have on one guy the more likely he is going to get hit...duh... but i'm not recomending this idea alot though it doesn't work for me!
Use your bunkers well, use all sides, and don't let the other team see you develop a pattern to how you look out of or shoot out of it.See that is something to watch for as well...see if one guy keeps poping his head up over the bunker in the same place continuously there is at least an 90% chance you will hit him.
Develop some types of plays to use like football plays.These work best when you have one or two or three more players than the oppossing team. When you will learn to use the plays to your advantage i'm sure you will win.
Tip6:The COLD
If you are crazy enough to play in the cold make sure to keep your co2 warm or else it will strat freezzing up and that's when your gun doesn't shoot strait. To keep it warm you can wrap a rrag around it and keep it there with a saftey pin. Also make sure you have good covering for your body because when paintballs freeze they don't break as easy and they really hurt!
*thanks for Derek Osborne for helping me with some of these*

List of Tips

In this area I may include a list of all the tips on this page, to make the page easier to scan. For example: