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What you need to play

On this page, I'll include one or more sets of games you can play and the equipment you need to play paintball.

The Equipment You Need To Play Paintball


First piece of equipment and most important is the a paintball mask it protects your face and ears, with out this mask you could lose your sight or hearing by getting shot in your eye or your ear.


Second piece of equipment is your gun without it you will not survive and i would recomend a syder for begginers witch is a semi-auto.


Third piece off equipment is your hopper which loads the paintballs into your gun and holds the paintballs for you while your playing.I would recommend a VL200.

Fourth piece of equipment is a squeegie it cleans out your barrel when a paintball breaks inside. When the ball breaks you can't fire your gun.

Fifth piece of equipment is your co2 tank without this you can't fire your gun. I would recommend a 14oz tank- you can also refill anytime it runs out at your local paintball store.

sixth piece of equipment is your paintballs without them you could not play paintball. I would recommend getting a 1000 count box of PMI paint this paint is the best paint i have come across.

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.


A hopper is a viewloader it loads the paintballs into the chamber of your gun.